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Amanda Calder

Fundraising + Strategy Consultant

Meet Amanda Calder, a leader who’s ready to make a real difference in your organization. Amanda has spent her career helping organizations like yours find smart, practical solutions to their challenges.

With multi sectoral experience and an MPA / MBA from Presidio Graduate School, she is passionate about finding ways to bring people and groups together for collective impact.

Amanda possesses the unique ability to translate the big picture into actionable steps. This results-oriented approach has consistently proven invaluable in driving initiatives forward, delivering exceptional results time and again.

Her rich professional journey, visible through her extensive LinkedIn profile, manifests her unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in the realms of fundraising, strategy, and community building. At ARCHITECT, we are fortunate to have Amanda's transformative energy and insightful leadership to guide our vision, shape our solutions, and elevate the work we do for our clients.

Discover more about Amanda and connect with her to see how her expertise can fortify your organization's mission and drive impactful change.

Amanda Calder
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