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Tamara Thompson

Partnerships + Relationship Advisor

Meet Tamara Thompson, a distinguished advisor at ARCHITECT Philanthropic Collective. She is an individual of remarkable depth and substance, evident in her varied educational background and multifaceted career.

Holding a Masters degree in Museum Studies from New York University, coupled with a Bachelor of Arts in History and Africana Studies from the University of Pittsburgh, she brings a wealth of knowledge to our team.

Tamara is more than an archivist; she's a masterful storyteller and astute researcher, characteristics enlivened by her impeccable sense of humor. Her global family, featuring a globe-trotting husband from France, a truly remarkable toddler, and a recently-adopted rescue dog, adds a unique dimension to her perspective, enriching the team’s diversity and depth.

Her philosophy resonates perfectly with ARCHITECT's ethos: Tamara believes that everybody has a story waiting to be told. Her mission aligns seamlessly with ours, focusing on amplifying voices of resilience, perseverance, and hope. At ARCHITECT, Tamara's expertise adds a nuanced layer of understanding to our work, enhancing our approach to storytelling, research, and community engagement.

Explore more about Tamara and connect with her on LinkedIn to delve deeper into her fascinating background and the valuable insights she contributes to our collective mission.

Tamara Thompson
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